Grilled salmon with stir fried bell pepper, green bean, onion and your choice of tangerine orange or teriyaki sauce    
     Garlic soy sauce fish    
     Tilapia fillet fish pan fried in a garlic soy sauce served with vegetable    
    Deep fried fish    
     Deep fried catfish fillet in your choice of spicy Gra-Pow curry sauce or garlic and pepper sauce    
 red pepper    Gra-Pow hot plates    
    Shrimp, crab, squid, clam, mussel, and fish all mixed in Thai spicy herbs served on a hot sizzling plate    
    Kung Pik Pow    
    One of the most popular customer choices. Shrimp stir fried in roasted curry paste, cashews, onion, water chestnut, and bell pepper    
    Crispy Tilapia    
    Deep fried Tilapia fillet served with sauteed spinach and ginger soy sauce    
     Prices subject to change without notice.